Study Desk Overview

This section of our website features a host of spiritual tools that you can use to build a stronger and closer relationship with God. Visit this section often to take advantage of spiritual and educational resources ranging from a variety subject matters.  Our aim is to often add new resource materials, so please visit us often. You can contact us with questions or comments by using the contact form. 


Teachings / Articles & Outlines

The teachings, articles and outlines can be used for personal study or shared with othersand in study groups.


Scripture Prayers & Confessions

Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.  Faith is developed and grows by mediating and confessing God's Word.  Here is where you will find a variety of scriptures, prayers and confessions to help develop and strengthen your faith.


Daily Encouragement

In this section of our web site, you can find short messages of encouragement and personal prayers that will uplift and encourage you.  It is important to develop of habit of spending time with your Heavenly Father on a consistent basis. God has called us into fellowship with his son, Jesus Christ. The term “fellowship” in this case means to “share our lives in common,” to “become friends” of the most intimate sort. It is through fellowship that God reveals His heart to His friends, and encourages faith, 


Suicide & Bullying

World-wide suicide and bullying have reached epidemic portions.  To help meet this great need of providing a solution to suicide and bullying, A New Day Ministry wrote a short story.  Although this fictional story is told from the view-point of a young Native American girl, the events are real.  This 30 page book includes illustrations that accurately depict the characters and story line, and can be colored. The audio book includes the heart lifting original music score, "God is Greater."

Resource material may be found in this section to help better understand suicide and bullying.  To offer hope and healing, and because suicide and bullying puts mental duress upon people, I have included a written copy of my testimony, scriptures and prayers.